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Double post: The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen,

Readers please note: This is an unpublished post I forgot to publish a few months ago - I am publishing it now mainly for my mates to read :) 

So.. this is a combined review of my dining experience at The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen.
The first post was on a Saturday evening and the other on a Thursday lunch-time.
Their menu has changed when I came back for lunch.

Okay sooo.. Saturday evening. Came here with my bf - Charizard.
We received complimentary bread. It was a croissant-like bread which was nice and warm. Crispy on the outside & soft in the inside but unfortunately it was salty. It was such joy eating the bread, I love seeing butter melted on warm bread!

Freshly shucked South Australian oysters: From the left; mango & mirin dressing, natural ($3.50ea)
Unfortunately for me, I don't eat oysters cos' they make me feel sick :(.
But Charizard said the mango mirin ones were awesome and he recommends it !
I did try the sauce left on the oyster-shell, and daymn the sauce is bloody nice! mangoey-creamyish and not too sweet!

Pork Belly, Rhubarb, Fennel, Pear Butter ($19)
I enjoyed this dish a lot, especially the pear butter! Gawsh it's so delicious, it was a light creamy butter (I couldn't even tell it was butter!). It went very well with the pork belly.
Pork belly: it appeared to be a pressed pork belly, was a bit overcooked at the bottom of the meat as it was a tad chewy to eat and cut. The skin unfortunately, was not crispy crunchy which I hoped for.  On the bright side, the skin wasn't chewy at all despite its lack of crunch.
The salad; it was a nice simple light salad I thoroughly enjoyed.
Overall, I'd definitely order this dish again despite its minor disappointments.

Blackwood Valley Organic Beef, Pearl Barley, Leek, Tomato - Scotch Fillet - 300g ($41)
My homie ordered this because they didn't have any wagyu left. Which was such a shame!
I did try a bit of it, I didn't dig the pearl barley (it' was my first time) - I think I just don't like pearl barley in general :P
The scotch fillet was cooked accordingly to my home's request - rare. It was cooked perfectly! I love it when it's chargrilled! My homie said the dish was alright, and personally, I don't like it that much.
Pork Cutlet, Cavalo Nero, Pork Floss, Cider Sauce ($39)
When the dish came out, I was like daymnn that's a massive serving! I am not going to finish this! (and I didn't haha)
The pork cutler was massive! It was big, juicy, tender and there was some fat attached on it as well *YAY*
I didn't dig the cider sauce, it has a strange after taste in my mouth.
The pork crackle chips reminds me the one you can get at your Asian groceries - nothing special about it.
Will I order this again? Probs not unless it was a different sauce etc.

Shoestring Fries & Porcini Salt ($9)
The fries reminded me of McDonalds fries with lots of salt!
Funny thing is Charizard dunked the fries in a glass of water (yep, very classy :P) and you can see the salt sinking down! Eeeek.

Spearmint Parfait, Strawberries, Yoghurt Cloud ($16)
Oh this dessert is so damn refreshing and delicious! Charizard ordered this and even though he's not into sweets, he demolished this!
I too am not a big fan of sweet desserts & I enjoyed it a lot as well!
The ice-cream was nice and creamy, there was enough spearmint flavour so you can eat it all day long if you could :P
The yoghurt was nice and light.

Saffron Macaron, Honey Mousse, Chocolate Truffle, Honey Comb, Pollen ($16)
As mentioned previously, although I'm not a big fan of sweets I ordered the sweetest dessert on the menu (what was I thinking :P)
But c'mon, how can you go pass this?! the name of the dessert already sounds enticing!
This is a honey-lovers dessert dream come true!
Visually, it looks awesome.
Taste, just as awesome as it looks.
This dish was too sweet for me but I kept trying to finish it cos it was oh-so-yummeh! I was actually eating the spearmint icecream with this dessert so I wouldn't get too sick of the sweetness!
I had to use a knife to cut my macaron.. so it's definitely not the crunchy and cookie like inside you would usually get. It was crunchy throughout.
Every time I tried cutting it the mousse would just ooze out! which really sucked but bleh :)
I enjoyed the honeycomb so much!! I love how it's been sandwiched between the mousse so when you put it in your mouth its crunch, cloudy creamy mousse and then another crunch!
The truffle was very rich which complimented the honey very well.
The only downside of this dish is that it is very sweet!

Post 2

 Grilled Chorizo & Lemon ($7)
Chorizos are the bomb ! These chorizos were meaty, full of flavour, and squeezing lemon on top of it was perfect. What would be more perfect if there were some Turkish bread on the side!
These chorizos weren't spicy

Pork Belly, Rhubarb, Fennel, Pear Butter ($18)
It was consistent to what I had last time.

Blackwood Valley Organic Beef, Potato Bake, Red Cabbage - Skirt Steak (200g) ($39)
Unfortunately, my steak wasn't cooked to my liking (medium rare) as it turned out well-done. The manager(?) offered get me a new plate but I thought it was a waste of food and just told her to let the chef know so he is a bit more attentive next time.

Confit Duck, Sweet Potato Mash (?) ($40)
My gf order this dish and she didn't enjoy it very much as it was very salty and heavy. I tried a bit of this dish and I agreed with her opinion. It was very salty (I usually like salty food but this was wayyy to salty for my liking). It was a disappointment. 

Vanilla blood orange (?) creme brulee & macaron 
This was complimentary (because I didn't return my steak XD how nice of them) :)

Summer Pudding, Champagne Jube, Berries, Meringue 
This was the first time I tried summer pudding - and for me it was my least favourite dessert on their menu. I guess it's because I didn't like the texture of the pudding (wet and cold).

I enjoyed my experience at The Butterworth, the service was great, awesome atmosphere (perfect for a date or group outing); however the mains was quite a disappointment after eating their entrée. But I do recommend the desserts (besides the pudding - unless you're a fan of them!) we've ordered.

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