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Stolley's Grill @ Ballajura, 6066

Stolley's Grill = tasty affordable meals :)
*ceebs reading? Scroll down to the bottom for a short summary!*
After purchasing a scoopon/groupon voucher for this place last is now one of my favourite local cafe/restaurant. It's a place where you want cheap tasty comfort food. The menu has changed a bit and now Stolley's menu consists of maily burgers. A bit sad because I enjoyed the other items in his previous menu such as the "gym junkie food options"
Everytime I have eaten here it has always been consistent but enough about that :P 
Lets review the food!
Came here on a Wednesday evening with my sister-in-law and nieces (Foodie adventure with MIRI!)
Is the place kid-friendly? Besides the high-chair there were no plastic bowls & cutlery for the kids which was a bit disappointing. I was really worried that Miri would break the plate! xD

Ribs with mash & salad - $16.90
One of the main purpose coming on a Wednesday is for the lamb ribs for only $16.90 comes with mash and side salad! 
My sis in law ordered that, I did try a bit of it though, the meat was not the fall-off-the-bone type ribs but it was soft and tender. The sauce was BBQ flavoured - nothing special about the sauce (kinda tasted like BBQ sauce from the bottles) but it tasted ok but I don't think I'll order the dish for myself though (I am quite picky about how ribs should taste like!). My sis-in-law enjoyed it a lot though and it satisfied her ribs craving! 
I would definitely recommend this dish especially for the price, flavour and serving! Totally worth your money IMO!

Stolley's Fried Chicken (6) Meal (small german frites & 350mL drink) - 
The chicken - it was fried nicely, crispy on the outside and still tender in the inside. The skin was covered in seasoning & spices which gave it a bit of saltiness and flavour but I think it tastes better when you dip it in the Stolley mayonnaise.
The german frites - tasted like your normal chips you can get at your local fish&chips store but covered in different spices. A nice twist to boring old chips!

Stolley's burger $9.90
Stolley had a special promotion for the week after discovering the perfect beef bacon! So if you were to order a burger/sandwich you can request to add bacon for free!
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it because it was for take away as my midnight snack hehe.
I was a bit upset when I realised they forgot my bacon but meh, I'll be back to try it :D
Unfortunately for my burger it was missing onions..but I didn't mind..would taste nice if there were some though. 
When I took a bite, you can taste the creamy and spiciness of the mayo, sweetness of the balsamic glaze and a juicy char grilled patty on a toasted turkish bread with fresh iceberg lettuce and tomato.
The burgers are tasty - I particularly like it cos' you can see the chopped onions and spices in the patty. 

Service: do not expect fast service as most of the time it's a one man show doing everything - cooking AND serving you especially in the evening. When it's not busy, he'll come up and talk to you... check if everything is fine.
  • Lamb
    • Pros: cheap, good value for money
    • Cons: Soft but not fall-off-the-bone (I don't eat much lamb though, so maybe it's just the type of meat?). Sauce kinda tastes like the bottled bbq ones.
  • Stolley Fried Chicken Meal (6)
    • Pros: chicken is crispy yet still tender inside, not so oily - chips: a nice twist to boring old chip
    • Cons: needs a bit more seasoning if were to eat it without dipping the mayo
  • Stolley's Burger:
    • Pros: nice burger size
    • Cons: nothing so far :)
Overall: It's my one of my local favourite. Definitely give this place a try if you want tasty cheap eats. They serve halal food, and have chicken wing eating challenges!
Food: 4 /5
Atmosphere: 3/5 
Service: 3.5/5
Will I go back? Yes!
Recommended? Definitely! Cheap tasty food! why not?! So if you live around the block, give this place a try!
Click here for Stolley's Facebook page : He updates his page regularly with specials of the day or if the shop is closed due to off-site catering!
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