Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MIX : Korean-Mexican Fusion, Perth 6000

Located at Equus Arcade, is a cute (I think anything that's groovy is cute :P) restaurant called MIX, serving Korean flavours with a Mexican twist!

I was so pumped when I found out this place opened! When I was watching those American food shows that always showed Korean-Mexican food trucks, I was like daymn why can't Perth have something like that?! But my dreams came true :P

Came here with my mates for a catch up since they also wanted to try Korean-Mexican food! :)

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla [$10.50]
Ohhh the goooey melted cheese! The spicy chicken made this quesadilla delicious! However, I would prefer if there was salsa or something fresh (besides the guacamole) with it because I only managed to eat one LOL

Combos: 5 in One [$20]
We ordered:
  •  bulgogi & kimchi w/ mango salsa - great combination of flavours, I really liked their kimchi, it was not too fermented (just how I like it)
  • spicy chicken & pickled raddish w/ cucumber salsa - I enjoyed this taco the pickled raddish complemented the spicy chicken well; made it more interesting!! :)
  • tofu & avocado w/ mango salsa - a refreshing taco perfect for summer - even a meat-eater like myself enjoyed this taco! :) 
  • grilled fish & coleslaw w/ roasted salsa - originally I wanted my fried (I've had bad experience with grilled fish before) but they said it would take a while for the oil to heat up so we chose the grilled fish. I was surprised by how nice it tasted - great seasoning and cooked well - the fish wasn't dry at all ! Thumbs up! :)
  • pork & cucumber kimchi w/ tomato salsa - this was probably my least favourite (but maybe that's because it was cold when I had the chance to eat it) - despite that it was still delicious :P

Chips in the tray - Kimchi Fries [$10]
Far back - Sweet Potato Chips (which was complimentary usually $6)
the chips closest to the sauce - Spiced Fries [$5]

Kimchi Fries: a different take on your chilli con carne fries. Bulgogi beef, kimchi, tomato salsa, melted cheese on a bed of crispy french fries - that's how Mix does their Kimchi fries! Sounds delish yeh? Well it was and I am craving for some right now as I am typing *drools* - Please give this one a try :)

Sweet Potato Chips: These were given complimentary to us and we were like YAY ! such a nice gesture from them :) We enjoyed this a lot :) It was nice and crispy and I was so happy that they sprinkled salt over as well mMmMmm

Spiced Fries: Your regular french fries sprinkled with a generous amount of korean (?) seasoning (which I don't know what it is - an excuse to go back and try it again!) which tasted even more awesome when dipped in the spicy mayo! 

Overall: Maybe it's because it's the first time I've ever eaten korean x mexican food, but I am loving this place so far and can't wait to go back. I do recommend that you at least try this place out for the experience. It's cheap eats as well.

Food: 4.5 /5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5 
Service: 5/5 because of the free chips HAHAH ;)
Will I go back? Yes yes yes! I can't wait
Recommended? Definitely!

Address: Shop 211 / 580 Hay st (Equus Arcade), Perth. WA 6000

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