Monday, May 6, 2013

Mochachos - Warwick

After months of anticipation Mochachos has finally opened today! YAYERS! Mochachos is franchise Mexican fast food store that just opened at Warwick.  I've been waiting for so long since there are no decent near-by Mexican chains near my crib =_= 

 Anyways, so my bro & I decided to grab take-away for the family and guess what? they have drive-thru! (yaaaayers to not needing to change out of my PJs!). So obviously, we went through drive-thru, the employee seemed to lack knowledge of the menu since he seemed a bit lost after we ordered a family feast (which consisted of a whole chicken, beegest chips, and 4 bunz) & the base 'dynamite' (the spiciest option – we were the first customers to order that =D). He asked us which one is that? He then gave us the menu, so we could point it out but he still seemed lost. I guess that’s okay, since it their first day opening the store and the employee must be new or something. 

We waited a while at the drive-thru..wasn’t sure why though, but the manager (I think) offered free coffee/ hot choco and apologised for the wait. The wait didn't bother us much. So after I don’t know how long, we finally got our order and we also got some free choc chip cookies :D

(Please ignore the background haha)

 The chips, I am not too sure if it was a mistake or not… but it was definitely not “BEEGEST”.. it was a smaller portion than I expected – (could only serve one person!). Despite that, they were crispy chips, sprinkled with periperi salt (please correct me if I am wrong) 

The "bunz", were just sesame burger buns you can purchase at the supermarkets.

 The chicken…well they were spicier than Nandos “extra hot”. It was cooked nicely, the meat was tender. My tongue was on fire so I couldn’t really taste the flavours. But that’s all I could say. It wasn’t like “woah this is tasty shiz, I gotta eat more”.

 I will be going back to try it out their other food (I hope their quesadilla is tasty!). I don’t think they were at top-notch today since their employees still seemed under-trained and it was kinda busy for them today.

Address: Shop 24, 639 Dorchester Ave Warwick, 6024 (Next door to McDonalds & Warwick Cinemas)

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