Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seoul BBQ Cafe

Sooo I was craving Korean (especially the spicy marinated pork), but I didn't want to go anywhere that is pricey (sucks being a poor uni student who enjoys eating out!). So where did I decide to go? Seoul BBQ Cafe ! The little cafe is located in a corner in front of red dot. This place is provides quick service and cheap delicious food! Their menu is small but they are very consistent with the flavours of their food!

When dining in at Seoul BBQ Cafe, after ordering, you receive a ticket with a number on it. When the food is ready, your number is called so you can pick it up at the counter and then nomnomnom away!

So here is what my bf and I ordered:

Chilli chicken
These were so delish - wished I had a bucket of it !!!
They were crispy and the meat wasn't dry, and the chilli sauce covering was actually somewhat spicy! You could taste each element of the sweet chilli sauce that is covered on the chicken nibbles, the crushed chilli, garlic and fish sauce!

Meat Combo Set - Beef Bulgogi & Crispy Chicken
Each set always includes miso, kongnamul muchim (seasons beansprouts), some sort of sauce(depending what you order) and a small serving of salad (lettuce & tomato with sweet mayo drizzled over)
The crispy chicken... was well... crispy (just like how it should be!)
It tasted like kaarage chicken you would get from Taka but less oily! It's totally delicious! :D

Beef bulgogi (Beef marinated in a sweet soy sauce)
The best thing about this beef bulgogi is the marinade! You can really taste the marinade on every single piece of meat!

Meat Combo Set - Pork & Crispy Chicken
Every time I eat here, I always, MUST order the pork belly. Why? Because pork belly is yummy but the marinade for it makes it  more yummier! The marinade has a small hint of spiciness and the fact it's cooked on a bbq absorbs flavours from the juices from the meat that was previously cooked on there!

The only downfall of this experience was that there was a person smoking nearby =___= but I highly recommend it if you want a quick, consistent, tasty Korean food! They also do take-away ;)

Food: 4 /5
Atmosphere: 3/5 
Service: 4/5 Quick fast service! 
Will I go back? Yes yes yes!
Recommended? Yessss, especially if you want a quick casual tasty lunch. 

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