Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dosukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea - Fremantle

YAY! My very first food adventure blog~! :) (about time - since I've been wanting to start one in 2010.. but I never did..>_<")

So the other day, my friends and I went to freo to try out Dusokoi since there is such a big rave on how amazing their noodles taste & since my friends & I love ramen we totally had to go try it!

After walking around for a while we finally spotted it! Doesn't it look like a ramen store in Japan? XD

The place is incredibly small, there are around 14 seats only. We were lucky enough to get a seat straight away since it's always full.

What my friends and I ordered;

  • Karaage (crispy chicken) ramen with miso base ($9)
  • Char Syu (Soft Pork) ramen with soy base ($9)
  • Takoyaki (octopus balls) ($6)
We didn't need to wait for our ramen that long.. maybe around 7-10 minutes. It was pretty fast.
We were so excited when our ramen came out XD... we were starving because all of us didn't eat breakfast XD

Karaage Ramen (sorry don't have a picture :[ )
My friend ordered this, she said "the chicken was spicy and it was how i always pictured karaage chicken to be from a japanese stall".

Char-syu Ramen
This ramen was different to the ones I've tried before. It had small pieces of fried pigs fat in the soup base. It complemented very well with the broth. However, the base was kind of salty but still tasty! In regards to the egg noodles it was nice and chewy even after 20 minutes (I take forever to eat XD) The char-syu (soft pork) was kind of disappointing since it had a very strong soy sauce flavour which overpowered the pork's flavour.

For those who don't know, takoyaki is made out of batter & octopus tentacles drizzled with mayo & takoyaki sauce. I always thought takoyaki was made out of mashed potato XD
The takoyaki was nice, I would definitely buy these if I go freo markets again. Although the takoyaki had too much bulldog worcestershire sauce which kind of gave a weird taste (but that may just be me.)

To be honest, I'm still indecisive whether Nao Ramen(will do a post on it soon^^) is better or Dosukoi is but if you ever visit Fremantle Markets you definitely need to try it out!!! You won't regret it! =)
Overall, it's a great cheap place to eat some tasty ramen! :)

Rating: 3.75/ 5
Service: 3.5/5

Dosukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea
Stall Number 7, Fremantle Markets,
South Tce,
0412 855 663

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