Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Alexander Bar & Bistro

The Alexander, I came here because I purchased a scoopon deal for it hehe (yeeee unleashing my inner asian :P lol)
So the deal costed me $39 which included: 2 drinks, sharing platter and 2 mains (awesome deal yeh!?)

When first entering into the tavern, it looked really dull, dark and lacked decor but they had a nice outdoor area. I was quite indecisive with which drink I should order because I haven't tried any ciders before (besides rekordelig) I asked the waiter to recommend a sweet alcoholic beverage and he recommended -  Canadian dry beer (?). He said if I didn't like the taste of it, I can order something else :) 
The beer had a sweetish gingerish flavour, couldn't really taste the beer flavour - It was quite nice..


Sharing platter - Turkish bread, feta cheese, olives, roasted capsicum, chorizo and dip.
There was nothing really special about the capsicum, olive and feta.
The chorizo tasted okay, it had peppercorns inside which I liked, but other than that, it looked/tasted like there were not or any herbs and spices in it..
But the dip..... It was so nice! I had no clue what it was but just tasted nice hahaha,

My homie ordered steak, medium rare. We specifically asked to have the mushroom sauce seperately so then the chips dont go soggy hehehe. As you can tell it was chargrilled, it was cooked nicely as well, but it didn't taste that great. Maybe it was the quality of the meat? I'm not too sure...

So I ordered ribs.. I totally lurves it when they just fall of the bone and melt in your mouth but unfortunately this was not the case :(
My ribs were very chewy, dry and tough. I kept chewing and chewing and then I gave up and just ate the chips and salad instead. It was definitely not slow cooked which was unfortunate because it had the potential to be an awesome dish! The bbq sauce was great!

Nevertheless, the service was great (but then again, we were the only ones there haha)

I will be going back to try other stuff on their menu mainly because I live so close to them and  it's in the entertainment book :P(but I won't be ordering the ribs ever again!).

The Alexander is available in the entertainment book with the offering - receive a complimentary main meal when another main meal is ordered.

Food: 2.5 
Atmosphere: 3.5/5 
Service: 4/5
Will I go back? Yes.. once more because it's in the entertainment book ahah :P
Recommended? Indecisive - still need to try their other food before I can decide!  But based on that one experience only, no (because of the ribs).

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michael stolley said...

just a quick note, the drink would of been a canadian club dry, which is not a beer. but is available on tap now.

the drink is a canadian whiskey and dry

Rena Chan said...

Hey Michael!
Ty for the information! I have no knowledge when it comes to alcohol :)

P.S Your food is delish! Will be writing a blog about it soon!