Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Modo Mio!

I've only been to dinner at Modo Mio once before but I remember that I loved service, atmosphere (loving the lighting!) and the food there! 
So afterrrrrrrr so long I finally got the time to go back for the Lunch Specials (cos I'm too cheap to go for dinner bahaha)! The options are:

  • Due Piatti  Pasta or pizza & your choice of starter or dessert for $38
  • Tre Piatti  Starter, pasta or pizza & dessert for $46

I went with 3 of my mates and we decided to share our mains together since it is more fun that way :D we recieved complimentary bread that came with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pink salt :)
Here is what we ordered;


 Garlic Bread
Unfortunately, the garlic bread wasnt tasty.. The bread was quite chewy :( none of us enjoyed it :(


Spaghetti Cabonara 
Surprisingly, I think this is the second time in my life that I've eaten cabonara at a restaurant (it's because I am always either ordering a pizza or ravioli dishhehe) so to be honest, I do not know what authentic tasty cabonara tastes like but with this dish, I found it really cheesy (so did my friends) ..not creamy at all, I couldn't taste the delicateness (?) of the egg :(. It tasted like macaroni and cheese but replaced with spaghetti pasta :P 

Spaghetti Bolognaise
With this dish, there was nothing I could fault. It just tasted awesome .. Or maybe it's because it was my first meal of the day and everything just tates nice when you're hungry :P
What I enjoyed about this dish was that it was not watery and the sauce meat was stuck on the spaghetti .

Pizza Diavola (chorizo, olives, red bell paper, anchovies, cheese, tomato base)
 My my, this pizza was literally 3x the size of my face! No joke...looking at it made me full hahaaha. 
The pizza was quite disappointing, there was wayyyy too much sauce & it was salty, the base was soggy (understandable because it was sitting on the plate but can't they think of alternatives of serving the pizza to avoid the soggyness?) and damn those anchovies were salty! Wished the broke it up a bit instead of having the full pieces there.. 

 Pizza asigo e pollo
same goes for this pizza, heaps of sauce & soggy base + needs more chicken!!

Panna cotta alla vaniglia, mele al caramello e sbrisolona
It tasted awesome!! I just want to go back just to order their pannacotta hehehe :D
Everything went well together, the sourness from the raspberry sauce, crunch from the crumble, sweetness from the apple and silky creamy pannacotta yumyum
Personally, trying the pannacotta by itself was too creamy for me, so with the extra condiments made is perfect for my palette :)

Cioccolato fondente con gelato alla vaniglia
It was my first time tasting this! I would always see it on cooking shows anddd NOW I finally get to taste it. 
Not being a chocolate-fan this was delish! The crunchy texture on the outside and the warm running chocolatiness in the inside mmmmmmmmMMmmmmmMmmm :D 

Here's just a picture of the tiramasu, I only tried a bit so I can't say much! My friend said coffee lovers would really enjoy this dessert. 

Overall, it was an okayish experience.. the service was wonderful though :) I'll be back though to try their other food heehe

Food: 3 (entree & mains were a tad disappointing but the dessert made it better hehe)
Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Will I go back? Yes!
Recommended? Yep!

Modo Mio

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